Lynne Berrett

A co-founder of the Ageless Mind Project and director of the online brain training program “Virtual Whole Brain Health.”

Wherever you live, whatever the weather or time of day — if you have a computer and internet, Lynne can offer you meaningful and enjoyable experiences that will help your brain sharpen and grow.

Lynne Berrett Coaching with WIT

Joshua Berrett

A co-founder of the Ageless Mind Project and creator of exciting courses for music lovers that use brain science to add value to your listening.

Joshua teaches his popular courses in local lifetime learners institutes and online for the rest of the world.

Joshua Berrett

Music and Happiness

Discover how you can use the music you love to improve your brain health and well-being. Expand your musical interests too.

We began posting these articles in 2007.

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Music and Happiness


This is a program for everyone at every age. We are pleased to be able to offer it to people in the second half of life, especially, because that is when brain functions slow down and the brain mass itself can deteriorate…or continue growing.